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Established in honor of the School of Architecture's former director, Max Robinson, the MAX_minimum Design Competition is a recurring annual design competition meant to encourage the greatest impact on the design environment with the least possible means. The concentration of these projects is a focus that potentially impacts the College of Architecture and Design, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the state of Tennessee.

It is our goal, foremost, to promote conceptual and pragmatic design excellence within the UT College of Architecture and Design's student body—be it of the students of today, or those who have graduated, its alumni. The competition is thus two-fold and distinct; there is a competition platform for alumni and professionals, and a separate competition experience for current students.


The vehicle that brings students and alumni to the learning of their craft is carried across time and through the knowledge and dedication of the faculty of the College of Architecture and Design. It is from this that both the alumni and the student competitions will be judged—by the teachers and instructors who helped shaped their design ideas, the faculty. The professional jury may also include prominent design professionals from around the region. Both the student and professional/alumni juries will be chaired by Max Robinson.



August 24—August 27, 2012


August 24, 2012—November 19, 2012

Deadline for entrant questions for FAQs page: Wednesday, October 31, 2012. Questions may be directed to

Deadline for submitting entries: Closed


Friday, April 19, 2013 at the College of Architecture and Design Honors Convocation.



All students are required to participate. The project deadline is 11:00am on Monday, August 27, 2012. Students are required to turn in the following three items:

1.     ENTRY BOARD: Each team’s board must be submitted to the Digital Print Center (utk-cadfiler / DPC Prints / MAXmin 2012 Printing) by the project deadline. For instructions on how to format your submission, please review this guide.
2.     TEAM ID FORM: Each team shall submit a completed and signed Team ID form with their submission pledging full participation of all members. This form is due in the main office of the College of Architecture and Design by the project deadline.
3.     TEAM JOURNAL (choose one):

  • physical journals shall be submitted in the main office of the College of Architecture and Design by the project deadline.
  • online journals shall be submitted by sending a link of your blog’s home page to by the project deadline



    All those wishing to compete must do the following by December 7, 2012:
    1. Complete and submit the registration application for your and/or your team's entry.

    2. Pay the entry fee.

    3. Submit your project, including a single 24"x36" board delivered to the College of Architecture AND a pdf of the same entry board sent via e-mail to

    Download the 2012 MAX_minimum Competition brief for full details about the program.

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