The core purpose of the Archive is to highlight the strongest, most provocative, most elegant work of the Competition. The Archive also serves as another way in which to tell the story of the College of Architecture and Design, as well as to trace the history of emerging and significant trends in the field of design. The Archive is the visual narrative of our own past fused with an emergent future.

The Project Archive will become active with the completion of the inaugural MAX_minimum Competition, and will include winning and premiated entries for each successive year. Downloadable documents will be included fromthe previous year's winning professional entry. PDFs of any or all winning projects available by request to


Turski and Ruff 2012 Alumni Winners
Brian White Honorable Mention

2011 Alumni Outcome: 1) Max Robinson Bronze Medal of Excellence to Andrew Ruff and Caitlin Turski (B.Arch 2011) for project, "Assembly" ; 2) Honorable Mention: Brian White (B.Arch 1986) for "Orange Alley."

2010 Alumni Outcome: 1) Max Robinson Bronze Medal of Excellence to Curtis Lesh (B.Arch 2000); 2) Honorable Mention: Barry Yoakum, FAIA (B.Arch 1978) and Andrew Parks (M.Arch 2004).


2011 Student Outcome: Max Robinson Bronze Medal of Excellence Given to Team 34: Hunter Young (2ARCH), William Rowland (3ARCH), Brent Castro (5ARCH), and Luke Murphree (2MLA) for "Re-measuring the Landscape."

2010 Student Outcome: 1) Max Robinson Bronze Medal of Excellence to Team 61 - Jason Stark (2 M.Arch), Cory Wilkerson (3 B.Arch), and Annie Stone (4 B.Arch); Letters of Excellence to: 2) Team 95 - Daniel Allen (2 B.Arch), Lauren Mullane (4 B.S. Interior Design), and Allie Mathison (5 B.Arch); Tie: 3i) Team 81 - John Taylor Babcock (2 B.Arch), Heather Johnson (2 B.Arch), Whitney Christian (4 B.S. Interior Design), and Justin Aragon (5 B.Arch) ; and 3ii) Team 55 - Stephen Guertin (2 B.Arch), Brandon Neish (3 M.Arch), and Amanda Gann (4 B.Arch)

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