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Context: The Art + Architecture Building

DESIGN CRITERIA: the project must define a series of spaces that perform as follows:


1. PASSAGE: maintain and enhance key visual and physical links to campus.
2. ARRIVAL: provide entry to the A+A, accessing the second floor.
3. DESTINATION: activate the space by making a place for people to gather. This could take the form of: (a) theater, (b) classroom, (c) assembly, or (d) other, as determined by entrant.

B. PERFORMANCE AND SPECTACLE: should be primary agents in meeting the program. Consider how people move through the space, some passing though, some arriving at the A+A Building, and some drawn to a new activity.

C. LANDSCAPE / HARDSCAPE: effective solutions will reimagine this place using both.


1. Definition: various objects that emerged out of necessity, but have not been designed, including: trash, recycling, newspapers, bollards, handrails, racks, &c.
2. Design an elegant solution for these needs.

MATERIALS: Any materials may be used. Consideration of materials is valued.

INTERFACE CONDITIONS: Proposals must consider how to appropriately relate a new design to our existing context, including the A+A, and the campus at large.

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